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Nina Ferro at the Ellington

A month or so ago, I saw that Nina Ferro was on the calendar to perform at the Ellington.  I was so excited I bought tickets straight away – she’s an Australian female jazz singer that I had heard on the radio a very long time ago and bought two of her CDs.   She’s not so Aussie now as she’s been living and working in the UK for the past few years.

So, last night, after a busy day running around, We settled into a table at the Ellington, ordered some finger food, had a glass of wine and had an extremely enjoyable night.  Nina is extremely talented and sang a range of jazz to more soul/R&B tunes last night, including many originals or reworkings of other songs that just worked really well.   I love her rich velvety tone and her relaxed timing and phrasing – she sounds as good live as on her recordings.  She did cut loose on some scatting for a couple of songs – I wish she did that even more as I love the bebop scatting sound and she’s obviously got the talent for it!

Got to meet her during the break, buy her latest CD, and let her know that we did use some of her CDs as background quiet time music for our kids 🙂

One thing I couldn’t believe though was that the Ellington was not packed at all.  Why not?  This was an ideal gig for the small cozy venue!  

I have to say, major props to Ben Vanderwal on drums.  This guy is amazingly talented and plays so tight, right on the beat.  I spent a while last night just enjoying all his variations and ease at which he plays.  Good stuff 🙂

If you missed last night, you can buy her CDs here – http://www.ninaferro.com/

Sorry no photos – last night I decided to just relax and take in the music rather than burden myself with the camera!

By the way, tonight – Phil Emmanuel playing bluesy guitar!

James Flynn at the Ellington

James Flynn at the Ellington

After a delicious and indulgent date night dinner with Wifey on Friday, we decided to pop into the Ellington. If you’re into Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Michael Buble or like Paul Anka’s Rock Swings album, you should catch James Flynn, Perth’s very own one man Rat Pack!  He was backed by a “mini” big band made up of many experienced professionals. 

Although it’s not quite my thing anymore (lindyhopping has focussed my jazz tastes on late 1920-1940s jazz), the crowd there on Friday really appreciated the swinging hits, even with some dancing breaking out!  I like how relaxed James is on stage and how he interacted with the audience making an entertaining night. 

James Flynn at the Ellington

I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots at the gig. As usual, the dim lighting at the Ellington really tests the performance of my Nikon D80 at ISO 1600. The shots look OK at this resolution, but if I were to blow them up large, I don’t think they’ll look that great. I tried a few shots at ISO 1250 too, but I really need to upgrade to a newer body with better low noise performance. New D3, D700, D700x?

More details: http://www.jamesflynn.com.au/

Photos at The Ellington

Jamie Oehlers

Jamie Oehlers

Victoria Newton

Victoria Newton

Victoria Newton 

 A few months ago, we went to see Victoria Newton at The Ellington, Perth’s new Jazz club.   It was yet another great night there! 

I decided to bring along my camera as I love taking concert photography, even though it means having withdrawing myself from just relaxing and enjoying the music for a while.

I snapped a few shots with my D80 and 17-55 f2.8, but boy was it dark in there.  Darker than I expected!  I had to bump ISO up to 1600 and beyond, which unfortunately is really grainy on the D80.  I managed to use ISO 1600 and take some usable shots during “still” moments, but I wish I had brought my 50 f1.8 or could afford a D700 with much better low light performance.

These photos have been sitting around on my hard drive for a while, so I took some spare, but frustrating, hours last night to do them up.  Frustrating, because my only computer at home to do photo editing is an old Dell laptop with a Pentium M 1.7GHz CPU and only 1GB RAM!   Photoshop was swapping to disk like anything!  Need to upgrade my computer.

I also realised last night that I really need to make up a signature brush that I can use on my photos.  Should I just go with scanning in my signature?

Hank Marvin at the Ellington

We were pretty tired on Friday last week…. and we so nearly didn’t make it to the Ellington.  The lure of sitting on the couch in home clothes with the girls, watching a DVD with the kids was overpowering!  But we had bought tickets, so we pulled ourselves there and what a wonderful night we had! 

At first, I was skeptical about whether Hank Marvin would be able to pull this off, but I think it worked in the end.  It’s a bit weird, but my parents and my Wifey’s parents were the generation to listen to The Shadows.  As with kids and their parent’s music tastes, Wifey had quite a bit of exposure to Hank’s early days.  Lately, Hank has been dabbling in the gypsy jazz style of guitar that Django Reinhardt is famous for.

From looking around at the average age on Friday night – I’m guessing that there were quite a few Hank Marvin fans there 🙂

So..  great atmosphere, nice wine and tapas, friendly service, and great table….  but the stars of the night for me though – Nunzio with his virtuosic accordion solos and Gary Taylor on rhythm guitar who had an amazingly infectious rhythm and was so solid, holding the whole thing together – well done!

The only thing missing from the night – a swing violinist.. hmm..  let’s see – I swing dance.. and play the violin..  although improvising is a whole new game.  I wish!  Anyways, it did inspire me to get out my Minor Swing again.