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Singapore Changi Airport Foodcourt

Changi Airport Foodcourt

Here’s a secret for travellers to/from Singapore – there is a large food court with really cheap food in the B1 Basement of the Airport.   It’s the “staff canteen”, but it’s actually open to the public too. 

It’s a bit hard to find (before you go through the departure gates, try to find a lift in the far corner that goes down to B1 in Terminal 1).   You can’t take luggage trolleys down there but rolling hand luggage is fine.  The good news – the prices of the dishes are really cheap, the range is massive compared to the food stalls/restaurants in the main part of the airport and it serves all the local foods!

Prawn Noodle Soup

Like any holiday to Singapore, eating is a highlight.   So what better way to end our recent trip than to go down to the food court and have our “last supper”!!  We stuffed ourselves with as many local delights as possible before boarding our cheap Jetstar flight.

Good local prawn mee, local chicken rice, burbur chacha, chendol, rojak, coconut juice and many desserts with names I could not pronounce…   until next time.

 Burbur cha cha

More Chinese desserts


I never really did much cooking – a bit of instant stuff like 2 minute noodles, oven fry fish.   Until Wifey went away for 18 days in July.    That, and MasterChef has made a huge change in our household!   We’re now trying different recipes every week, and I’m now assigned to do cooking at least once a week 🙂

It’s so funny because I have such a different approach to cooking than Wifey.   For me, it’s like revisiting high school Chemistry.  I am one of those “follow the recipe to the letter” people.  I argue that they must have tried these recipes many times, so why deviate from it?

Mixing the dough

The good thing about cooking is that kids love it!   One of the first things I did was pull out our beginner’s cookbook and work through a scone recipe with the kids.

Cutting out the scones

They were both so eager to get their hands dirty! Unfortunately, they didn’t seem too excited by all the scones by the end of it all… so I had to eat nearly all of them 🙂

All done!