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GO3 this weekend

I’m a casual gamer but used to follow the PC and console gaming scene a lot.  I always dreamed of going to E3 or GDC, just to experience the scale and the mecca of electronics and gaming and to be around… well..  computer nerds 🙂  Although, I’m not sure how well that would go down with Wifey (“Sorry, I just gotta take this day off while we’re in the US on holidays, to attend.. err..  a computer expo”).

Well, this weekend is the 2nd year of GO3 – Perth’s very own Electronic and Entertainment Expo.

The expo is held at the Perth Convention Centre, so there’s plenty of floor space for exhibits. Like last year, they are advertising a LAN party, although I couldn’t find more information about it on the website.

One good thing I found about last year’s expo was that there were quite a few networked games on display, so you could walk up with a friend and play some Quake.  It seems that this is now advertised as one of the main highlights of this year, and they will have Alienware gaming machines to play on!

Another change this year is that it will not be combined with Perth’s own demo party – Nullarbor.  It seems that Nullarbor will be held later in August at The Bakery instead.  It’s a bit of a shame that the demoscene can’t be shared with the wider computer community in Perth, but it may make the logistics a bit simpler.

Unfortunately I left wanting more last year.  But with free entry this year, I’m planning on dropping in with the kids in tow as an outing…

More info here on GO3 here – http://www.go3.com.au, and more info on Nullarbor here – http://www.notrees.org/.

Guitar Hero with the kids

Rockin out on Guitar Hero

Rockin out on Guitar Hero

My dear wife had another evening rehearsal so I got to spend another evening with the kids.   It was sooo cold tonight that we abandoned our plan to go to Galleria.

But it didn’t stop us from having some gaming fun!  It’s great how the kids are at an age where I can game with them.   We sang SingStar songs at the top of voices and jumped around and rocked out on Guitar Hero 2!  We are nerds!!!