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Daughter buys Father FarmVille Cash

One thing that surprised me last Christmas was that Little Miss 11 actually bought presents for each member of our family with her own money.   And without us knowing!

We were around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, and Little Miss 11 hands me a present.  I thought, OK, Wifey must have gone out with her to buy me a present, or perhaps Wifey bought a present for Little Miss 11 to give to me.

I quickly unwrapped it and saw a FIFA 2010 game and a FarmVille Cash Card of $10!!!  I was very happy but both Wifey and I were surprised – HOW and WHEN did she buy these?!?!?

We have started giving Little Miss 11 a bit of freedom nowadays when we go shopping, as long as she’s with Little Miss 9, has her mobile and only for short periods at a time.  I’m guessing that when we were out shopping one day, she must have sneaked into EB Games and bought these things!

As a parent, and knowing what little pocket money we give the kids (and not regularly as well), this was an extra special present as it’s a significant chunk of the total amount of money that she has.  And to get gaming stuff – very thoughtful indeed!  I started trying to think back to wonder at what age did I start buying my parents presents with my own money… hmm…  I can’t remember!

Unfortunately, the most disturbing aspect of this story for me is Little Miss 11 buying her parent virtual money with her real money.  It seems like throwing your money away…    But I was super happy in a geeky way – I plugged it into FarmVille then sat down with her to try to decide what new building or decoration I could buy with it.

But the priceless present – I will always remember the proud smile on her face when I unwrapped the gift and realised she bought it by herself with her own money.   Ahhh – definitely one of the perks of grown up kids 🙂