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iPhone Settings

Just a quick blog post documenting some solutions to problems I’ve had since installing iOS4 on my iPhone.   More for my own records in case I need to do this again.

But hopefully these tips might help others out there too!

iiNet IMAP

When reconfiguring my iPhone to get emails from iiNet’s IMAP server, it seemed that the iPhone kept on detecting the iiNet mail server as POP and not IMAP.   This frustrated me on no end – I’m SURE I had the email address correct but I just couldn’t find a place to convert the iiNet server from POP to IMAP. 

After some Googling, I found a workaround.    Here’s a trick to get around this:

Google Mail not logging in

For some reason, even though I entered the correct username and password to access my GMail account, it was not logging in successfully. I was getting the error “The user name/password for IMAP is incorrect”.  However, when I tried the same user name and password on the web interface, it worked?!?!    Seems that Google was not letting my iPhone in.   Here’s what to do to allow the iPhone to successfully log in.


iPhone Calendar only showing one calendar

This used to work on my iPhone before upgrading to iOS4.   I had a whole handful of calendars (my work one, my family one, Birthdays, etc) all being sent to my iPhone from my Google calendar.   After upgrading and reconfiguring GMail again, I only got my primary calendar only being sent to the iPhone.   Seems like you have reconfigure the other calendars you want to sync:


No Contact Sync’ing with GMail

After upgrading, I lost all my contacts.  Luckily, my contacts are stored on GMail so it’s just a matter of pulling them back down again from the “cloud”.

After configuring GMail, I still did not have any Contacts!!   I’ve come to realise there are TWO ways to sync GMail onto your iPhone and only the Exchange (Google Sync) method transfers Contacts at the moment.

The two ways to sync GMail onto your phone are:
1) Use Exchange method
2) Use GMail method

GMail method:
* Use Gmail profile
* Name: My name
* Address:  yourusername@gmail.com
* Password: Your gmail password
* Outgoing SMTP: smtp.gmail.com
* Syncs Mail, Calendars, Notes

But there is NO contact sync’ing!?!?  WTF?  

Exchange (Google Sync) method

If you configure your GMail account using the Exchange method (called Google Sync), then you WILL get Contact sync’ing, but no Notes sync’ing.     I guess if you want the best of both worlds, you can use both methods to get it all.


Syncing Mac contacts and calendars with Google and iPhone

On the weekend, I decided to rework all my sync’ing options.  Here’s what I ended up with:

Google, iPhone and Mac OSX Calendar and Contact Sync'ing 


Google contacts -> Mac OSX Address Book

I ended up following these instructions here:  http://googlemac.blogspot.com/2008/05/mac-os-x-1053-sync-google-contacts.html

Another set of info here:  http://lifehacker.com/393810/mac-os-xs-address-book-can-now-sync-google-contacts-update-for-iphone-owners-only-ugh

However, I found that although I had it configured, it wasn’t sync’ing at all.   The configuration was all there but there were no contacts in my Address Book.   The instructions for manually sync’ing suggested to click the “Sync Now” option in iSync (the circular arrows at the top of the screen) but that option was disabled for me.  

If you have that problem, then follow Marko’s steps in his blog post here (http://blog.markojung.net/2009/02/sync-everything-with-google/).   Sync’ing started up and now the option appears in iSync!

Google contacts -> Mac OSX iCal

I did try Spanning Sync for a while but ran into some problems with missing calendar events.   I then tried the standard CalDAV configuration and it worked fine!  No third party software required:


Google contacts and calendar -> iPhone wirelessly!

There are a few options to sync up your iPhone contacts and calendar with Google:

  • Wired – use the USB cable between the iPhone and your laptop.   The big disadvantage of this is that you need to be at your computer to sync.
  • Wirelessly – MobileMe.   Apple has an online storage and sync’ing solution called MobileMe.  This should let you sync your calendar, email and contacts between all your devices.   Unfortunately you need to pay a subscription to use it 😦
  • Wirelessly – Other.   Thanks to internet connectivity on your iPhone, you can wirelessly sync contacts and calendars with something like your Gmail account.  

In a previous blog post, I described how I used NuevaSync as an Exchange tunnel to get the iPhone to sync up wirelessly with Google Mail and Contacts.   However, recently Google updated their service to include their own Exchange server end.  I took the jump and reconfigured my iPhone sync’ing to use this instead and all works!   No more 3rd party required to host my private details or transfer my contacts and calendar.


I also found that calendar updates were much quicker than through NuevaSync. 


Next frontier

OK, so now I have my iPhone contacts, mail and calendar sync’d up with Google and my MacBook Pro.

The next problem is that I’m using Thunderbird instead of Mac Mail.  Unfortunately Thunderbird 2.x does not use the OSX Address Book, but I read that Thunderbird 3.x beta does.   Time to try that out!  Then I’ll be truely integrated!