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Guess who

Guess who!
Guess who!

After dinner on school nights, we usually ban the TV and encourage the kids to play a board game or card game of some kind.   Last night was Uno, but tonight was Guess Who!

Unfortunately having a 7 year old play a 9 year old does expose differences in logic and problem solving between the ages.   Guess who is an interesting game in that you need some problem solving skills to determine the best question to ask depending on what people you have left.   Our 7 year old is still asking semi random questions that don’t help all the time.  Like “Does your person have a moustache?” when all her remaining people have a moustache!   Cute 🙂

The other hard concept that comes up in the game is the double negative?  Like, “Does your person have a hat?”.  “No”.   This means you eliminate the people WITH hats.   Our little one still gets mixed up and sometimes eliminates the opposite!   One day it will click…