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Symphony one night, Guns’n’Roses the next..

Well the other weekend, I had a major contrast of musical experiences!!

Saturday night, brought my Dad along to see Tamsin Little play the Elgar with the WASO.  As usual, we were cheap skates and sat in the choir stalls.  Don’t know why, but previously I had always sat on the left side of the stage, directly behind the soloist.  This time, we tried the far right side of the stage so we could basically look down the fingerboard of the violin.  Much better position… but still, the sound isn’t that great from behind..

Anyways, she was good I guess!  Fat tone, a few off notes…  I think I just don’t like the concerto.. especially the 3rd movement.. what was Elgar thinking with all that strumming stuff.. he must’ve been on drugs..  that whole section could be chopped out and the concerto would be better!

It was good to see Margie leading.. John must be busy somewhere I guess.  Also good to see Semra leading the 2nds!!  kewll..   Anyway, we left at interval.

But what was even better was Guns’n’Roses!!  On Sunday, Chris and I made our way to the Burswood Dome to join the other huge crowd of people..  really assorted people actually – we were thinking that the original fans would be our age or older (30-40s) and there were people round that age..  but there were groups of young high school kids too.  Anyway, it was a LONG concert!  Angry Anderson had his near hour set, Sebastian Bach (ex Skid Row) did an over hour set, and then Gunners didn’t come on until 11.15ish!!  But they played till 1.15ish!!

It was excellent!!  Pity that Axl (and Dizzy) are the only original members left, but still, to hear him and the band play all my old favourites from the past albums was kewl…   Axl is getting a bit older, and luckily he didn’t wear his white bikeshorts!!  a few downers..  no Slash!!  maybe Velvet Revolver will come to Perth one day..  also, we were seated pretty high up –  I would’ve loved to be in the mosh pit, especially during Paradise City when all the confetti was coming down and all.. what a great rock experience that would be!!  the other downer was some silly guy 2 rows in front of us who was  pissing off and antagonising  everyone  around him during the Sebastian Bach set..  luckily he pissed off when Gunners came on.

Oh well, that was a concert to remember..  that filled my rock appetite for a while.. I read that Black Sabbath is coming.. hmm..   when will Dream Theater come????

oh.. and i gotta get a Les Paul..  Gibson preferably, but Epi will do too



Well another one gone by..  2 cool prezzies from my family – a new Bam violin case and tickets to the upcoming Gunners (Guns’n’Roses) concert!

My old violin case is literally falling apart, the zip doesn’t work, the latch works sometimes only, it’s got some burn marks on it when some ash from our old pot belly splashed on it, the storage zip area for music is all torn..  the new Bam one (I think the model I got is the “Stylus”) is great!  Lighter, sturdier.  Just a little tricky putting the Bon Musica shoulder rest in there with the violin, but I found an orientation that works.  The sheet music storage area seems quite flat and protected so my music won’t curl up at the corners.  And I can install the straps provided into a backpack configuration too!  Sweeet.    Su also picked up the sheet music for the Sibelius violin concerto that I had ordered from Zenith’s.  Had a quick play through the 1st movement last night – I think I’ll start working on it seriously, but I gotta work on my fingered octaves like crazy!

Also got tickets to Gunners! w00t!  You won’t believe it but Gunners helped me get through TEE.  It was my secret study weapon 🙂  I’d have Appetite or Use Your Illusions 1/2 on full blast on my walkman or discman (how daggy!).  Jeepers that was a while ago..  It’s a pity that it’s not what I consider the “real” Gunners.. Axl has just gone off and run with the name of the band – so it’s missing my favourite band members like Slash, Izzy, Duff, Matt..  *sigh*  but it will stil be good to Axl live singing all the old stuff.