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Parental embarrassment

One of the joys of being a parent is walking your child into school.  Especially when they’re super young, like in Kindy or Year 1.  It’s such a proud moment – your child all dressed up in the school uniform, holding your hand.  You saying goodbye to them.

Unfortunately those days just don’t last.

Little Miss 10 does NOT want me to hold her hand on the times I walk her to school. 

I still remember the first time it happened last year.  We parked the car on the roadside.  I held her little hand to walk her in.  But when we got the school grounds in sight of other kids, she shook my hand off and took a step away from me.  Well, it’s daggy now right? 

Now she even complains that I walk her down.  She moans, “Daaaadd.. why can’t you just drop us in the drive through?”

I wonder if the number of metres that I’m allowed to be seen near her at school will increase as her age increases.  In High School, she’ll probably want me to drop her off around the block or in an adjoining suburb.

Luckily Miss 8 hasn’t quite reached that stage of parental embarrassment yet.  I have a few more months to treasure 🙂