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Waking up early for School Holidays

School holidays are finally here!

Our kids have been waiting for ages to just have time to do their “own thing”.  So much so, that today, they woke up early…  actually earlier than they normally would on a school day!   Why is that?   I wonder how their body knows whilst they are sleeping that it’s NOT a school day and that they can wake up early?   If only I can trigger that chemical reaction/brain activity in their bodies/brains on normal school days!

On the way to the bathroom this morning, I peeked in our 9.5yo’s bedroom and saw her working at her desk.

She heard me coming, immediately turned around, covered up her artwork on her desk and warned “Go away!”

I think she’s making Happy Easter cards for all of us 🙂   How adorable!


Nothing like swimming

So we pulled the kids all over Sydney and Melbourne during the holidays.  We didn’t really plan much kid oriented activities – just shopping and some sight seeing.  And did they get bored.  I think there’s only so many Melbourne arcades a kid can look at.  And it’s hard to motivate kids to walk somewhere when there isn’t an enjoyable end goal.  Nup, no museum, zoo, It’s a Small World ride…  I guess we could’ve done the Taronga and Melbourne Zoos or Luna Park, but us parents wanted to explore the shops and cafes that are unique to Sydney and Melbourne!

What brought the most joy on our trip?  The hotel pool.  An hour or so of splashing around in the hotel’s heated pool brought instant laughter, smiles and energy that definitely was missing when walking up and down Chapel or Smith Street.

I think our next holiday will have to be back to a South East Asian resort.  They definitely love those the best 🙂