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Memories of Masters at Work, Ministry of Sound, Roger Sanchez

I was watching a bit of Oprah’s show at Radio City Music Hall and someone made a comment that collections define who you are and tell a part of your life story.

Well, in the 90’s, I ended up collecting a lot of house, techno and dance CDs.    I was in a phase where I loved US and UK House, music from labels like Strictly Rhythm, music from the Ministry of Sound, Fantazia and Renaissance, mixes from Masters at Work, Roger Sanchez and Allister Whitehead.  I used to dream of visiting the UK or Ibiza to listen to my favourite DJs, but that never happened.

But now that collection has been sitting at the bottom of our CD cabinet for years.  I haven’t listened to this stuff for years.  My musical tastes have moved on so it’s time to go.   Packing it up and listing it for auction, I couldn’t believe how much money I spent on these CDs at the time!!

Interestingly some of these albums are still for sale online.  And some seem to be out of print and collector’s items now.

If you’re interested buying my bulk lot – it’s on eBay here:  http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Bulk-Lot-59-Dance-CD-Albums-Ministry-Wild-etc-/180611853725?pt=AU_Wholesale_Lots_Music&hash=item2a0d4e2d9d

More info here about Masters at Work here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masters_at_Work and http://www.mawrecords.com/

Why is the yellow faction always last?

Miss 9 at lunch break at the sports carnival

I couldn’t believe that it was this time of the year again, but my kids had their annual sports carnival earlier this week.

And yet again, the yellow faction/house, which my kids are in, came last.

And you know the frustrating thing?  When I was in Primary School, I was in the “gold” faction, and I remember that we used to come last really often.   And when I was in High School, I was in the yellow house too, and we too came last most of the time.

What is the deal with yellow?  Is it a psychological factor that subliminally affects the kids to go slow?

I was talking to another parent and in our straw poll of two, we found that blue or green tends to come first and yellow tends to come last.

Is this a world wide issue? 

Anyone else in yellow that thinks we should experiment changing the colour schemes to see if it makes any difference?