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Sleepover party

On the weekend, the kids had a sleep over party with some relatives and a friend.   Our little family of four suddenly became a large group of seven!  It sure did seem like a good idea at the time 🙂

Judging by the amount of running, screaming, singing, dress ups and general mess that was made, I think they all had a good time.   Wifey and I did comtemplate once during the weekend if this is what it would be like with 5 kids.   (Note to self – need to save up for another TV – one TV is not enough to share between seven people.)

Luckily the kids are now old enough that I can get them to pack most of the debris up themselves.

Here’s some of the aftermath:

Wanna play dress ups?
Wanna play dress ups?
All the Barbies and Bratz's had a bath
Bath time
Drying out in front of the heater
Drying out in front of the heater

A Child’s Truth

It’s amazing how innocent and truthful the words from a child can be.

When wifey and I were on holiday, the kids stayed over at my parents’ house.   My mum had an old typewriter lying around that she had kept from years ago, not used anymore because it had been superseded by a computer.

However, she has since dusted it off and took it out for the kids.  They LOVE to play with it, feeling the weight as they push down the keys, watching them strike the ribbon, hearing the bell ring at the end of each line.

One day in the holidays, our cheeky 7 year old typed out a little note for my 85 year old Grandmother (her Great Grandmother) who stays with my parents.   She left it in the bathroom for her to find.

My Grandmother recently showed me the note that she now keeps with her.  I read it and my heart smiled…

Note to Grandma
Note to Grandma