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My first lasagne

Next experiment was something I love to eat, but have never ever cooked. Lasagne sounds hard to do.. I mean, it’s got so many layers!

Assembling the lasagne

When I went shopping for ingredients, one of my first dilemnas was what do I do about the lasagne sheets?  Do I make my own?  How good are the ones in the pack?  Also, the ones in the pack seem too small?

As you can see, our first attempt was not that great.  I just used a single sheet for the size of the lasagne!   For some reason I thought that the single layer had to be made with a continuous sheet, but I’ve since realised that I should have just overlapped multiple smaller sheets to make a larger sized layer.  Duh!

Topping it off

In any case, the end result was yummy.   Can’t go wrong with pasta for kids!

All cooked!  Yum!