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Big scary insect in the car!

When we were driving home from Officeworks on the weekend with the kids, I heard something jump in the back seat and hit the ceiling of the car, followed by girly screams from Miss 10 and Miss 11.

What was it?

I saw a large grasshopper calmly sitting in the middle of the back seat, between my two daughters, who were desperately squeezing themselves against their doors – as far away from the insect as possible.

“Stop the car Dad!” yelled Miss 10!

“No don’t worry about it, we’re nearly home”, I tried to reassure her.

“Lock the doors, the girls might fall out”, warned Wifey.

“Look how big you are compared to it, it won’t hurt you”, I tried to rationalise.

That didn’t work.  Tears were about to flow.  I’m trying to think if the girls saw any “Attack of the Gigantic 10 Foot Insect” movies that would have scared them even more.   I think in my head, if we had a son, he’d be saying “COOOL! I’m going to catch him and pull his legs off!” or “COOOL!  I’m going to catch it and put it my sister’s bed tonight!”   Hmm..  maybe that’s not a better alternative.

We got home, the kids ran out of the car and we shoo’d the grasshopper out.  But instead of jumping out – it flew to a nearby plant.

Hmm…  that’s not typically of a grasshopper.  And I haven’t seen a grasshopper that big before.  I was thinking, maybe it’s a locust?!?  But I haven’t heard of locusts in the Perth metro area.  I know they’re quite common in the country, sometimes lying on roads in the the hundreds and thousands ready to be rolled over by a car.

Anyway, here’s a snap of the friendly dude in our garden.

The next day we saw him hanging onto our security door, but haven’t seen him since.   I suspect when acquired him inside a roll of book covering contact.

Do I need to be notifying any authorities?