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Bored by Superman

Our family settled in for a movie night on Friday night.   There’s usually an argument over what we’re going to watch, but for some reason, on Friday, Miss 10 says to me, “Dad, you can choose what to watch!”

“Awesome!”, I thought.

Despite them having watched hundreds.. no.. probably thousands of hours of movies and TV, there’s still much that they hadn’t seen yet.  I was thinking of filling them up on classic movies from when I was a kid.  Yep, daggy.  But staples that I think all kids need to have watched. 

We could finish off the Star Wars movies.  Maybe venture into Indiana Jones although maybe I’ll leave that for when they’re older.  They hadn’t finished seeing the Goonies yet.  Hadn’t seen ET, but it might freak them out.  Move onto Back to the Future 2 or Karate Kid 2 as they’ve seen the first ones? 

But I remembered, they hadn’t seen Superman yet.  Yet Superman is still part of modern culture – in song lyrics, sayings, etc.

Superman it was.  And it was slow to start.  Veerrrryyy slow.  I think movies back then were directed, edited and screenplayed at a much slower pace – they definitely wouldn’t be releasing something like that nowadays.

I tried to keep the kids enthusiasm and interest up, “Just wait – it gets better!”.  Well, I’m sure it does..  when he flies and all that right?

Wifey started drawing parallelisms between Superman and Jesus.  Hmm…

And then Superman flies out of his ice castle!  I’m happy – surely the kids need to see this momentous occasion in the movie. 

But they laughed!!!   “That looks soooo fake!” Miss 11 points out. 

Hmm..  yes it is.  Why didn’t I think that at their age?   Their standards are definitely higher than mine were. 

The groans continued as Superman did more tricks, flew above the clouds, drilled into the ground, etc.

Then when Superman turns back time to save Lois, Miss 11 points out a major plot flaw – “What happened to the earthquake and the other damage?”  “Good question” I had to answer.  I don’t know!  Superman definitely didn’t go back beyond the time when the rocket hit the fault line. 

Then it was all over with rousing John Williams music that the kids said sounded like Star Wars.   The final verdict?  “Boring” says Miss 10 and Miss 11.

Oh well, at least they’ve seen it – I can cross that one off the list.   I’m pretty confident I won’t get to choose the next family movie for movie night.

Have you made your kids watch your childhood favourite movies?  Were they as good as you remembered?

Noises in the night

To the thing on our roof last night,

Thank you for waking me up at 3.30AM.    I was laying in bed and heard you rustling down the side of our house then on our roof.  Or were you in our roof space?

My adrenaline kicked in, I suddenly sat straight up in bed, waking up my Wifey in the process.

I heard you stomping further down to the back of our house.

Are you a cat?  I’m thinking only a cat would be able to get up to our roof.  But you sounded too heavy and clumsy for a cat.

Are you a mouse?  But you didn’t make any scratching sounds and you must have been a giant mouse if you are.

Are you a possum?  I don’t know of any possums in the area, but if you are, hello!

Are you a burglar?  If so, I’d be careful walking on the roof or the side of our house at night.  But our dog didn’t bark, so you probably aren’t human.

After scouting our house armed with my trusty big torch and turning the lights on, I didn’t meet you.

I then had trouble getting back to sleep, wondering what you are.

Hope your travels last night continued fine, but I’d rather you not visit and disrupt my sleep in the middle of the night!