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Sunset on the farm

Another panorama from our weekend at a friend’s farm near Gingin.

This was just around sunset.   The kids were having immense fun running through the grassy fields.   The other adults were setting up the campfire.   I was wandering around with my tripod and Cokin filters trying to get an interesting shot!   This result is a crop from a 10 image stitch – I think I ended up using about 7 images in the end.

Gingin Farm

We were extremely fortunate a few months ago to be invited to a weekend holiday at a friend’s farm near Gingin.

It was so peaceful away from the city.   Here’s a 9 image stitch of the lone tree in the paddock just after the sun dropped under the horizon.    The kids had started a campfire and we feasted on marshmallows for the rest of the night.

Panorama of Le Consulat, Montmartre

Le Consulat, Montmartre, Paris

I had forgotten all about a series of panoramic photos I took on a holiday back in January 2008.

I wanted to travel light On the holiday, so all I brought (and had in terms of a mid-range zoom) was the kit Nikon 18-70mm.  No tripod either, but I felt that I needed to take some panoramic shots becaues of the expansive cities and engaging environments in a new country.  

Here’s one of the Le Consulat – a famous icon in Montmartre, an arty district in Paris.  We had climbed up a heap of stairs to reach the peak of a hill where the Sacre Coeur sits.   We wound around the left side to some shops, and then reached the famous square where artists sell paintings and will draw portraits of you.   This building is little further on past the square.

I’s a 5 image stitch done in Photoshop, and I was happy to use some of the sharpening and local contrast tips that I picked up at Christian Fletcher’s workshop.

Mundaring Dam panorama

Mundaring Weir panorama trial

A few months ago, we camped up in Mundaring and took a bush walk down to the dam.

It was such a beautiful day, blue skies, and the dam was so expansive.  I had my camera on me, but no tripod, but wanted to somehow capture the grandeur of it all.   I snapped a few series of photos that I hoped I could make into panoramas.

And so back I came and stitched them together and tried to make something of them.  But I’m failing.

With this particular shot on top of the dam wall, the stitching is getting all confused by the railings and fence.   In the shot above, you can see the fence on the left and right having a continuity problem.   I started to manually put anchor points on, but with 10 shots or so, it was taking way too long for all the combinations! I think hand holding also meant I was not definitely not rotating around the lenses nodal point either!  I was probably rotating around my torso = bad.

The harsh midday lighting isn’t doing any favours to the shot either!  I know people add colours/tints afterwards for dramatic effect and to change the mood of photo, but unfortunately I haven’t quite mastered that yet. I think I will have to play a bit more with that.

So in the end – I’ve ended up with a shot that is pretty average 😦   Maybe this was one of those times where I should’ve just not taken a photo and enjoyed the scenery more.

Wyadup Rocks

Our family went down south during the school holidays. It was definitely worth it to get away from the city, the house and day to day chores.

I was so excited to get down south this trip as I have been recently inspired by many WA landscape photographers. I’ve bought the Cokin Z-Pro Graduated Neutral Density kit, had my tripod, and was ready for some action!

The only place I got to in the end was Wyadup Rocks. I hadn’t been there before, but when I got there, I was totally inspired by the rocks, the beach and the landscape. Unfortunately, it started to rain the first time we got there, so I had to make a second trip.

I’ve only had time to process one panorama so far. Here it is! I hope to learn a few more tricks and tips at Christian Fletcher’s workshop next week, so I’ll probably revisit this.

Wyadup Rocks
Wyadup Rocks

A stitch of 3 photos with a 3 stop GND, minor HDR processing, then usual unsharp mask, lab colour, curves and contrast.

Paris from the Notre Dame

On our round the world trip earlier this year, I took quite a few shots for panoramas.   I’ve done a quick stitch before, but hadn’t got round to styling them yet.   After seeing many of Kirk Hille’s great shots, I thought I should have a go trying to clean them up and make them pop.   I just love the colours, the sharpness and composition in Kirk’s images – very inspiring.

Anyway, this shot was from the top of the Notre Dame church in Paris.   Wifey decided to stay on ground level and look around, but I went up all the steps with the kids.  We only had limited time at the top as the wanted to keep the people moving through, so I found a spot to hold steady and snap a few shots.  I haven’t found a stitching program that stitches raw images yet so I had trouble getting some detail in the sun blown out clouds behind the Eiffel Tower.   And there’s some weird blurred out buildings along the river – I think I’ll have to try the stitch again.