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Phoning Dad

Another eventful evening, going to help Dad to put together an Ikea shelfing unit.   I feel like a certified Ikea setter upperer after putting so many together!  We put the shelves up in record time without instructions!!  Amazing!

Anyway, got back home and wifey told me that our youngest was crying when she went to bed.   When she asked Skylar what the problem was, she said that her new new mp3 player was “stuck” or not working.  Skylar had taken the cordless phone and tried to call me to help her fix it, but she couldn’t get through to me.   When asked what number she was trying to ring – it was my work number!

Oh, makes my heart cry..

When the kids were much younger and just started talking, they did leave some extremely wonderful messages on my voice messaging system at work.   I had one that I used to play back once in a while of Tallulah trying to “talk” to me, asking “Are you there Dad?” and “When are you coming home Dad?”.   Nothing like that to make you want to come home straight away!

Ello Ello

Ello girl!

Ello Girl!

I love the ages when the kids started to be able to draw, create and imagine and express this themselves.  It’s so amazing how the young brain develops.   The other day, Skylar went into her bedroom, got out the Ello and started making a family!   Here’s the first family member off the assembly line.   At the end, she was so proud of what she’d done that she planned to take them all to school for news day!

It was a nice opportunity to record the moment and her creation.  I love the bright colours of the Ello pieces against our white kitchen bench, the other pieces in the background ready to be made into the other family members and the cuteness of the creation 🙂