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Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most photographed structures on the planet.  It’s actually much bigger than I expected.  When you’re standing under it, it’s just overwhelming you with its magnificence.  I loved the geometry of its structure and here’s a few shots I took (whilst trying to fend away people selling trinklets!)

Panorama of Le Consulat, Montmartre

Le Consulat, Montmartre, Paris

I had forgotten all about a series of panoramic photos I took on a holiday back in January 2008.

I wanted to travel light On the holiday, so all I brought (and had in terms of a mid-range zoom) was the kit Nikon 18-70mm.  No tripod either, but I felt that I needed to take some panoramic shots becaues of the expansive cities and engaging environments in a new country.  

Here’s one of the Le Consulat – a famous icon in Montmartre, an arty district in Paris.  We had climbed up a heap of stairs to reach the peak of a hill where the Sacre Coeur sits.   We wound around the left side to some shops, and then reached the famous square where artists sell paintings and will draw portraits of you.   This building is little further on past the square.

I’s a 5 image stitch done in Photoshop, and I was happy to use some of the sharpening and local contrast tips that I picked up at Christian Fletcher’s workshop.

Nearly ready to go around the world!!

We’re going around the world with the kids over this summer (winter) break!

We’re nearly all set – all accommodation has been organised, flights done. Just a few odds and ends haven’t been figured out yet, but we’ll come to those when we do..

For those that are interested, here’s our rough itinerary:

27 Dec – 1 Jan : Disneyland Anaheim, US
1 Jan – 4 Jan : LA Hollywood, US
4 Jan – 10 Jan : New York, US
11 Jan – 16 Jan : London, UK
16 Jan – 20 Jan : Nice, France
20 Jan – 25 Jan : Paris, France
26 Jan – 30 Jan : Phuket, Thailand

I just haven’t figured out how to get to San Diego Sea World and San Diego Zoo.. arghhh. didn’t realise it would take a substantial amount of time to get there.. oh well..