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More fun with Google Maps Street View in Perth

I don’t know why, but I find it really fun to wander around my home city of Perth virtually! I should just get up and get outside, but no… walking with a mouse is so much more fun 🙂

Here are some funny things I found in the Street View of Perth in Google Maps.

They drove through the tunnel and took photos along the way!

Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel
Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel

They even drove down Hay Street Mall, evidently quite early in the morning.

Hay Street Mall
Hay Street Mall

But there seems to be a wierd glitch/bug when you “travel” down Piccadilly Arcade.  I would have expected to pop out on Murray Street Mall, but it seems to think you’re still on Hay Street Mall with Piccadilly Arcade going the wrong way.  Wierd.

Piccadilly Arcade Bug
Piccadilly Arcade Bug

Anyone else in Perth find anything wierd or funny?


Google Street View in Perth!

I found out today that Google has finally added Street View to their mapping capabilities!   What this means is that instead of looking at streets or photos from above, you can look around at the surroudings from ground level in 360 degrees.

I’m glad that Google has kept our sleepy town of Perth up to date in its maps.  I remember being all excited when they finally added Australia as a satellite view, then the maps itself.  It’s almost a recognition that Perth still counts 🙂

For Perth, Google obviously spent a lot of time driving through every street, photographing it with their special vehicles equipped with mounted cameras and GPS.  Here’s a shot of the new interface with the view from Kings Park.

Google Street View of Kings Park
Google Street View of Kings Park

One cool thing about this is that you can grab the picture and just drag it around to “look around”.

I then spent the next 10 minutes going to my house, my parent’s house, the kids school, work trying to see if I or my car was in any of the photos..  unfortunately not 😦

Access Google Maps here:  http://maps.google.com.au/

GO3 this weekend

I’m a casual gamer but used to follow the PC and console gaming scene a lot.  I always dreamed of going to E3 or GDC, just to experience the scale and the mecca of electronics and gaming and to be around… well..  computer nerds 🙂  Although, I’m not sure how well that would go down with Wifey (“Sorry, I just gotta take this day off while we’re in the US on holidays, to attend.. err..  a computer expo”).

Well, this weekend is the 2nd year of GO3 – Perth’s very own Electronic and Entertainment Expo.

The expo is held at the Perth Convention Centre, so there’s plenty of floor space for exhibits. Like last year, they are advertising a LAN party, although I couldn’t find more information about it on the website.

One good thing I found about last year’s expo was that there were quite a few networked games on display, so you could walk up with a friend and play some Quake.  It seems that this is now advertised as one of the main highlights of this year, and they will have Alienware gaming machines to play on!

Another change this year is that it will not be combined with Perth’s own demo party – Nullarbor.  It seems that Nullarbor will be held later in August at The Bakery instead.  It’s a bit of a shame that the demoscene can’t be shared with the wider computer community in Perth, but it may make the logistics a bit simpler.

Unfortunately I left wanting more last year.  But with free entry this year, I’m planning on dropping in with the kids in tow as an outing…

More info here on GO3 here – http://www.go3.com.au, and more info on Nullarbor here – http://www.notrees.org/.

Jazz in the City

If you live in the dullesville of Perth, then get out to one of the Jazz in the City events, being presented as part of the Perth Winter Arts Festival.

It’s great how the City of Perth have an arts festival in the Winter time!  It’s also great to promote jazz and in this year’s festival, there is even an event for lindyhop, a jazz dance of the 30s and 40s.

Looking at the program here, the Hullabaloo Hoppers, who are team of enthusiastic and fun lindyhoppers, and other local lindyhop dancers will be dancing their socks off at 4pm on Saturday and at 2pm on Sunday right in the middle of the city in Forrest Place.    Dressed up in vintage gear, and dancing to big band swing music from the 30s and 40s, this should be a fun event.

I was also excited to see the Hip Mo Toast Big Band on the line up for tonight.  Unfortunately, the kids insisted on a popcorn and DVD night, so I had to give it a miss.

If you want more info on local Perth swing dancing events, visit http://www.perthswing.com/.