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Size does matter

Yes size does matter!

Check out these prints that I recently processed for some clients.

Starting from the middle on the left, going clockwise, we have the following sizes – 6×4, 5×7, 8×12, 16×24 and 16×20.

Sure 6×4’s are good in a photo album, to pass between friends or in a small frame, but nothing beats the impact that a large print has.  The 16×24 print is stunning and would look fantastic framed up on a wall!

Next to it, the 8×12’s look really small – maybe nice to have framed on a table or ledge, but too small to be by itself on a wall.

Yes printing costs are more expensive and the framing costs even more – but it turns a photo into something you can make part of your home.

Photos from the World Wide Photowalk 2010

On the weekend, I joined about 100 other photography enthusiasts on a walk around Perth city to take photos.  It was one of the local events for the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk day.

I decided to pull along my father-in-law as I know how much he loves photography.  Armed with our cameras, we parked near the Perth Concert Hall and walked to the meeting point.  I was wondering – who would go to these things?  Are they all going to be real photo geeks, clothed with multi-pocketed photographer vests? 

But all was OK – just normal people with a variety of equipment from point and shoots to SLRs.    Great to see Martin there with his kids, who introduced me to this event.

After a group photo, there was a quick explanation of the day and some ground rules.  Apparently we’re allowed to take photos inside St Mary’s Cathedral!  My first D’oh!  I should have brought my tripod along. Now I’ll have to rely on noisy higher ISOs, bracketing and panoramas by hand.

And then we were off!

Or not really. 

Photographers really take their time.  You do not want to be going on a photowalk if you’re in a hurry to get to the end point!  Everyone had spread out like crime scene photographers trying to capture as much of the expansive real world onto a few inches of film or digital chip.  I wonder if in the future someone would be able to recreate a virtual copy of East Perth from all our photos.

I see a great opportunity for a photo in the middle of St George’s Terrace with blurry traffic passing by.  But I nearly got run over by a car when crossing back.  Note to self – holding a camera does not make me invincible to the laws of nature.

Then I got excited by some nature in the concrete city – a tree reaching up into the sky!!  I tried to snap it from various angles hoping to get a good shot.   I looked around and then realised I had lost our group leader.

People were taking photos of all sorts of things – storm water drains, bins, buildings, trees – basically EVERYTHING!  It was funny to hear a pedestrian couple walk past saying, “There’s a lot of people taking photos here?!?”  Were we that obvious?  Did we look like a bunch of bus’d-in tourists?

We turned up past the Mint and I suddenly realise we were in an un-picturesque part of town.  But luckily we then turned towards the recently renovated St Mary’s Cathedral and I knew there would be a plethora of things to shoot in there.

Seems like the Organ Society of WA is having a “meet and play” and majestic chords and runs of pipe music is spilling out of the church.   Luckily it helps to mask the constant chatter of shutters going off inside the church.   I take a few hand held panoramas inside and vertoramas outside, and a few 3 shot brackets – hoping that I can fix it all up later.  Photographers are lazing around the front of the Cathedral, chimping and comparing shots.  My right hand is starting to get sore.

And then it was all over.  Coffees at Dome with my father-in-law and we discuss the post-processing that we need to do and when the next photowalk is on that we can go to. 

At home, I’ve downloaded the photos, straightened and cropped and then used some of my presets in Lightroom to increase contrast and turn some into black and white.  The next step for me is to process the panoramas and HDR/bracketed shots which will take more time.

I have enjoyed seeing the others shots taken by participants that day.  It’s amazing what things you don’t see that are right in front of you, and how other people can view the same objects in ways you never imagined.  And I was also pleasantly surprised by the number of interesting things I could take in 2 hours on that side of town.

My Flickr set of shots so far is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasechong/sets/72157624578903906/

And here are some of my favourite shots from the day:

The old town in Nice, France

I loved wandering around the streets of the old town in Nice, France. The colours of the buildings are so vibrant compared to the dull gray of our high-rises in Perth and other modern big cities. This image reminds me of the narrow streets, the colours and how close the buildings were to each other.

Here’s a view of an old building up into the clear blue sky in Nice, France.  It was a clear day, but it was cold!

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most photographed structures on the planet.  It’s actually much bigger than I expected.  When you’re standing under it, it’s just overwhelming you with its magnificence.  I loved the geometry of its structure and here’s a few shots I took (whilst trying to fend away people selling trinklets!)

Blurb Photo Books

Have you made a photo book before?

We’ve made a few through Target’s Photobook service.  But we just heard that Blurb currently has a special that is free shipping!

So Wifey and I have embarked on making some photo books through Blurb’s BookSmart software.  We have a huge list to get through:

* Italy trip book
* Separate books for each city in our family’s round the world trip
* Books for Miss 10’s dancing and Miss 8’s dancing concerts so far
* Books for various other family vacations
* Books of up to date family and casual snaps
* Books of the kids birthday parties
* Books of my photography
* The list just goes on…

Here’s a sneek peak of what our Italy one is looking like!

Working on our Italy book

The main problem is time.  Books take a lot of time to design!  So far, we’ve only managed one Italian city per night (about 2 hours)!  At this rate, every night this month will be tied up in book designing!

Last night we had some good debates on which photo to use, which layout, what order to put them in.  Luckily I’ve already processed most of the photos so they don’t need touching up as well!  But it’s all fun.  I can’t wait until they’re done – they will be AWESOME!

On BookSmart – I like the various page layout options and the ability to edit the layout too.   These save a lot of time!

One tip so far – my iPhoto library is HUGE, with every digital photo from 2002 onwards in there.  This basically makes the BookSmart software come to a grinding halt.  Also, I’ve configured iPhoto to not manage the location of my photos and this doesn’t agree with BookSmart.  The photo browser in BookSmart is not that great either – I can’t zoom in to preview photos or sort them the way I want.   I’ve found it’s much easier to use iPhoto to find the photo you want, and then drag it over to BookSmart.

Golden light

On Sunday afternoon, we had a relaxing picnic in Parkerville across the road from the tavern.  There was a brook there where the kids (and some adults) got their feet wet!  With sounds of a tight funk band drifting over to us, it was one glorious afternoon.

Unfortunately I didn’t bring a tripod along, but managed to take some slower shutter speed shots by resting the camera on the bridge there.  Here’s a shot of the brook.  I loved the sunlight on that day, and the clear blue sky reflecting off the water.  Combined with some of the muddy soil around, it made the water look golden.

I didn’t have much time to play around with this image – I wish I had brought my GND along, and I may have gone overboard with the sharpening, but I’m liking the direction this image is going…


Golden light

New blog header!

Don’t normally do a weekend blog post, but the girls are all asleep so I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to for ages – create a custom blog header!

I couldn’t decide between putting up one of the photos that I took myself, or putting up a family photo.  Since my blog is not just solely focussed on photography but more about life in general, I decided a family photo reflected the state of my blog at this time!

This great family photo was taken by my cousin’s wife in Singapore over 3 and a half years ago!   She runs a photo studio in Singapore called KidsPictures.  If you’re visiting or currently live in  Singapore and want some great natural family photos or photos of the kids, I definitely recommend going to see Anne.   She was so relaxed with us, made the kids feel really at ease and made us look great!   Visit the website here:  http://www.kidspictures.com.sg/