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An absolute IKEA bargain!

Just before Christmas, Wifey and I went to IKEA to have breakfast.  When we got to the counter to pay, we were told that we could bring our receipt to the furniture checkout and the cost of our meal would be deducted off any purchases that day!  

How friggin awesome I thought!

So Wifey and I got sucked into the IKEA scheme, and tripsed around the floors trying to find ~$15 worth of stuff to buy…

Which we really didn’t need…

Since we only went to IKEA that day for the food.

Arghh..   and you know what?  We ended up buying like $30 worth of stuff.  Minus the $15 for breakfast still means $15 out of pocket.

IKEA 1 – US 0.

But we formed up a cunning plan.  We had already planned to get Little Miss 11 a new bed and bedhead for Christmas.  Our plan would be to go into IKEA, eat a MASSIVE family meal that cost LOTS, and then buy the bed and bedhead for CHEAP!

So on the weekend we popped in, and felt like Gods!  We were picking all sorts of stuff off the food shelves.   Extra dessert that we didn’t really need to eat, extra drinks that we didn’t really need to drink. 

Went to the checkout.  The checkout chick said that the offer was only valid on weekdays up to Christmas!!    AAARGHHHHHH!!!! CRAP!

And then when we went to find the bed, it was not in stock!!!

We walked out totally jibbed.  

IKEA 2 – US 0.

But we formed up another cunning plan.  This time we will go in on a weeknight, and we’ll eat an even MASSIVER family meal WITH FRIENDS on ONE DOCKET and then buy the bedhead (but not the bed) for EXTRA CHEAP!

So we arranged to meet up with friends on a weeknight before Christmas.   We definitely felt like we had won Lotto this time.   We were PILING on extra food, entree, desserts, etc.  But when it was time to pay, we realised we had come on half price Tuesday or whatever.  Yep, 10 meatballs from $6.95 down to $3.50!  Oh no!  We’re not going to get the full value for money!

By this time, I also noticed some other people who had caught onto this mega deal and were buying extra bottles of juice and water and shoving them into their handbags surreptitiously.

Anyway, we had an absolute feast, then we rolled down to the self service area, bought the bedhead, received our entire $70 meal for 2 families off it!  I felt like the lady in the IKEA ad where it felt I had stolen something from IKEA and had to runaway.

Loaded the flat pack into the back of the car, loaded our huge bellies into the seats, and away we went.

IKEA 2 – US 1.

Can’t wait till IKEA repeat this offer again so I can settle the score!


Awkward cinema moments

We grabbed the opportunity to buy cheap tickets to see Megamind last night.

Does anyone like Event Cinemas’ pre-allocated seats?

Works fine I think – definitely choosing your seat like any other type of show brings the cinema out of the dark ages, and removes that frustrating feeling of walking into a cinema, seeing all those seats and arguing over where to sit.    I remember plenty of times when we’ve been torn between sitting towards the middle, about a third from the front or near the back.

Actually, I wonder if the position you sit in the cinema is relative to your age?   In my teen years, I always wanted to be closer to the front, but now I opt for the “middle”.   When I was dating, towards the back would be good.   And I reckon when you’re older, you would tend to sit further away.

Anyway I digress.   Pre-allocated seats should work.

Except when someone else is sitting in your seat.  Or someone else thinks you’re sitting in their seat!

How can this be?  We were definitely sitting in the right spot.   Date – check.  Time – check.  Cinema number – check.  Row – check.  Seat number – check.

So what went wrong?   I don’t know – all I know is that I missed the first minute or so of Megamind as the latecomers were wondering what to do about us having the same seat numbers.

And I couldn’t rewind back to the beginning!  Arghhh…   What’s with this shared viewing and no personal control of the movie?  Movie review in the end?  OK – a bit too convoluted for young kids, not witty enough for me  😦

At least we got the kids out of our hot house for a while.   Can’t wait until that aircon repairman comes!

2010 – Year In Review

Happy New Years all my blog readers!   I can’t believe how fast 2010 has gone.   Or the 2000’s for that matter.  Suddenly we’re in another new decade!   I wonder what we’ll call it – not the naughties, maybe the teens?

I spent the last week feeding myself silly..  well, not as much as last year – definitely tried to eat less this year so there’d be less to lose in the coming months!

Since I’ve started a trend with myself, thought I’d better continue with my year in review!  So, here’s the good and bad of 2010!

The Good!


I think the violin went well in 2010.   I don’t know how I managed to, but I’m really proud of learning/cramming in the first movement of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in time for the Fremantle Eisteddfod.   This together with becoming a finalist in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra and an orchestra gig made 2010 feel productive on the violin front.   However, I wish I had the time to have had a violin lesson or two, and play in one of the community orchestras.  Maybe in 2011?


Well, it started quite well with doing the 60km HBF ride, riding weekly and later the Ride to Work day.  I managed to get up to Kalamunda a couple of times, but it’s really highlighted that I need to develop my hill climbing power!   Unfortunately, in the last 2 or so months, my riding has decreased.   I hope to cycle more in 2011 again.  I really need to get a bike computer so I know how much I’m really doing, and maybe a heart rate monitor too..


For me, my community giving in 2010 was to my daughters’ Primary School.   Many hours went into work for the School Board because of the Building the Education Revolution program, but by the end of 2010, I decided to it was time to quit and re-balance my time back to the family.

Photography Business

2010 will be the year that I started to make my hobby of photography to start earning something!   Overall I’m still making a loss  as my equipment and time outlays far outweigh any profit, but at least I can fund some smaller equipment purchases from sales – allowing me to take and process better photos!


Even though the total number of getaways with the family was less in 2010 than 2009, travel was still a highlight because of our family trip to Japan!   We had such an awesome experience in the amazing culture there – I can’t wait to go back!

Digitizing Home Videos

My big project of digitizing our home videos is practically finished!  All handycam videos from Video8, MiniDV and the new AVCHD HDD camera are now all on the computer in iMovie!   Yes, it’s slow doing it in realtime, but it’s doable.

The Not So Good


Aarghghghg!  I don’t know what happened, but dates with wifey really suffered in 2010.  We were meant to do a dinner date once a month on our anniversary day but that fell apart.   I’m DETERMINED to make this work in 2011.

Me Time

Well, I guess I made my violin time my “Me Time” earlier in 2010.  But as for PS3 gaming, considering I still haven’t finished Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or Assassin’s Creed 2, not so good 😦


The number of times we went out dancing can fit on one hand.  Unfortunately 2010 was a poor year for swing dancing.   One night of Hullabaloo, a few times at the Mustang, some DJ gigs at the Deen…   and that’s about all 😦  Even for the 2010/2011 New Years Eve, it’s the first time we didn’t go dancing in 10 or so years…

Neither Here Nor There


What did I watch in 2010?   It will be the year that we watched  Mad Men Season 2, 24 Season 7, Caprica Season 1, more So You Think You Can Dance and Australian MasterChef, but the show that we really got hooked on and watched most of in 2010 – True Blood!


Ah, my night time habit – reading in bed before I got to sleep.  Probably not the best thing to do when I want my brain to slow down, but it’s the only time I have.   In 2010, I read all of the fantastic Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, Ender’s Game sequel Speaker for the Dead, Lance Armstrong’s It’s Not About The Bike, Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, Daniel Levitin’s This is Your Brain on Music and Lee Child’s Gone Tomorrow.    Currently next to my bed is a few book’s on parenting teenagers – The Princess Bitchface Syndrome by Michael Carr-Gregg and Michael Riera’s very useful Staying Connected to Your Teenager

2011 Resolutions?

Yep, I’ve sat down with Wifey to write a list of changes for 2011!   One of the things we’ve put down is an idea from a friend in Singapore – parent dates with individual kids!   We’re aiming for one a quarter – hopefully it will work out!

2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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The busiest day of the year was January 2nd with 449 views. The most popular post that day was Problems with uploading photos to Facebook.

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Yahtzee fun

Did you ever play Yahtzee when you were a kid?

I remember days when I was still a boy at home, Dad getting out the Yahtzee game and us having family game nights with it.

Well, a couple of years ago, we borrowed the game from a friend and our kids loved it!   Something about rolling dice and chance seems to tickle human fancies, even from a young age.

Secretly, I was using it as a fun way for kids to practice adding and multiplication!   5 dice with up to 6 spots, that gives a pretty good combination of sums.

So for Christmas, I bought Little Miss 11 her very own Yahtzee game that we can play as a family 🙂 and so we did!  

(And ssshhhhh  don’t tell the kids – but they’re actually practising their sums without realising it!)

A Post A Day in 2011!

I’m going to take this up.

A challenge put out there by WordPress to post to your blog EACH AND EVERY DAY!


Yep, I will try this this year.  Even on WEEKENDS!

I may cheat…  yep, I may go back and post on days I missed, or schedule some posts in advance…   but I will try my hardest to have a post for every day of the year.

I think the real challenge will be to make posts interesting.  After all, it’s no point having 365 days of posts of boring Facebook-like status updates right?

More here:  http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/challenge-for-2011-want-to-blog-more-often/