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Violin practice critique requested

Back to my violin again.  I had it out on the weekend to play some Secret Garden music and other standards at Church.   Then, I had all the recording gear set up to record our 9 year old singing.

So I thought – why not record my violin playing?  It’s something that I used to do once in a while as part of practising.   It’s weird, but what you think you are producing and playing is not always what comes out.  Not just on technique like intonation, clarity, etc, but also in interpretation.

I’m going to try something that I’m not sure others have tried before – I will record myself once in a while and ask for advice over the internet.   It can be to do with anything – performance, interpretation, technical, etc.   I’m open for suggestions!

So, first up is the Adagio from the Sonata No. 1 by Bach for solo violin.  It is a beautiful piece that I always wanted to play when I was really learning the violin.   Last year I had a look at it and worked on it a bit 🙂  I practiced it a little last night and recorded this.

Bach Violin Sonata No. 1 Adagio

Next up is the Fuga, the second movement from the same Violin Sonata.  I only started working on this after the Adagio, but I haven’t finished learning the notes by far.   I recorded this raw with no practice beforehand as a snapshot of what I have to work on.   As you will hear, I need to practice quite a few things including mastering the 3 and 4 note chords more fluently.   Unfortunately, I also whistled the E string quite a few times but I didn’t want to go back to re-record it yet.   Listening back, my playing sounds a bit all too uniform and needs much more contrast, in dynamics and articulation and interpretation.

I made a little recording mistake and didn’t watch the recording levels and ended up clipping the recording a few times.   You’ll also notice that I did cheat a little – I played with music and had to stop to turn the pages – I tried to remove the gaps, but they’re not totally seamless.   However, I’d still like some feedback on it overall.

Bach Violin Sonata No. 1 Fuga

My plan is to take the feedback, as well as continue to practise, and post up a few more recordings as I go along.