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Loved Avenue Q!

Here’s a musical I’ve been waiting to see for a while!  We couldn’t go in New York because we had the kids with us, I think we just missed out when we took our last trip to Melbourne, and Wifey raved about it when she saw it in London earlier this year and then progressed to show me all these YouTube videos when she came back.

Well, I finally had my turn to see it on the weekend here in Perth – and even going in with high expectations I loved it!  It’s just so… wrong and funny!  The songs and story were rude, naughty and hilarious!  Just think – Sesame Street for adults.  Do not go if you get offended easily!

The performers were really top notch, the sets and puppetry were excellent, the band was tight.. and the sound, which I usually have problems with at the Regal, was clear!  The Regal, even though old, suits this musical perfectly – as my Wifey says, it is not a “mega musical” – Avenue Q requires a small intimate venue like an off Broadway theatre. 

There was a mini drama on Saturday night – the girl playing Kate Monster and Lucy T Slut, Michala Banas, started playing the role, but within 15 minutes or so, Natalie Alexopoulos, the understudy took over and other people took over her role.  It was so seemless I wondered whether people were actually just going to change playing characters all throughout the show!   A real credit to the performers who could change parts during a show that easily.  

I was really impressed with Luke Joslin who plays Nicky and Trekkie monster – he has that Sesame Street Ernie voice down so well!  And I just loved how Josie Lane, who was involved with some puppets that required 2 operators at once, was so into the acting even though she might have just been operating one hand only.  Actually, with all the performers, who acted it so much in their body and face.  And then were able to make their puppets mimic them.   Great work!

Good news is that Wifey was definitely impressed, rating some of the performers even better than the West End show she saw.

And we enjoyed it so much that we’ve bought tickets to see it again!

More info here:  http://avenueqthemusical.com.au/