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What’s your Lenten sacrifice?

As part of my Lenten sacrifice, I have decided to give up Facebook. 

No, probably won’t help world hunger, help homeless people or stop wars, but part of Lenten sacrifice is also about getting back to basics and self improvement, self discipline and self denial.

I thought – OK, what have I started getting addicted to lately?  What do I check first thing in the morning, last thing at night, check on my iPhone when waiting?   Facebook.

So, today marks 20 days without checking what everyone else is doing and telling the world what I’m doing through Facebook. 

And it’s hard!!  Wifey still is on it and I’m so resisting peeking over her shoulder to see what so and so is up to.   And everytime I do something remotely interesting, I find this inner urge to tell everyone on Facebook – that I now need to supress.

I’m still keeping up this blog, but to a less regular degree as this is not so much a time waster and addiction for me like Facebook. 

Anyone else giving up Facebook for Lent?