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Kung Fu movies this week on SBS!

A little birdy told me about something on TV this week – keep your eyes glued on SBS every night this week as they are having a load of kungfu/fighting/Asian movies!   Must be to replace the Tour de France – I wonder if they think there is some strong intersection between cycling enthusiasts and kungfu movie lovers?

Monday 28th – The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

Tuesday 29th – Beautiful Boxer

Wednesday 30th – The Smashing Machine

Thursday 31st – The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter

Friday 1st – Kung Fu Hustle

Saturday 2nd – New Police Story

I haven’t seen The 36th Chamber of Shaolin yet, but have been wanting to get the DVD for ages.  Many people regard it as one of the best kungfu movies of all time!  Better make sure there is enough space left on the PVR.