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Free wireless in Singapore!

Our our recent trip to Singapore, we ended up bringing along Miss 10’s netbook and I brought along my iPhone.  OK – two Wifi enabled devices, but how were we going to get connected?

It turns out that there is FREE wireless internet in most public areas in Singapore!  What a great initiative!  OK, it’s a little “slow” being 1Mbps only and it’s usually only available in public areas like shopping centres, but it was extremely useful for us.   We could check our email, do some research on prices and products, use Google Maps to find places, and I even found out that Miss 10 was MSN’ing friends back home!

So how do you get it?

First, you need to register to get a free account.  You can do this on the actual Wireless@SG login page, calling the number on the login screen or visiting one of the 3 companies that run the wireless network – SingTel, QMax and iCell.   Since I had a Singapore SIM card there, I was able to register online and get my password sent to me via SMS.  

Then all you need to do is connect to the Wireless@SG network when it’s available, login, and then you’re done!  I found I could access mail, Google maps, Facebook and Twitter on my iPhone with no problems.  The only hiccup I had was in Wisma Atria one day when it seems their Wireless hotspot was not working.

If you know you’re going to Singapore, you should try to get account before you arrive so that you can use the Wireless as soon as you land in the airport – http://www.infocomm123.sg/wireless_at_sg, although I’m not sure if you need a Singapore mobile number to get the password. 

For more information, refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless@SG and http://www.ida.gov.sg/Programmes/20061027174147.aspx?getPagetype=36.

Singapore Changi Airport Foodcourt

Changi Airport Foodcourt

Here’s a secret for travellers to/from Singapore – there is a large food court with really cheap food in the B1 Basement of the Airport.   It’s the “staff canteen”, but it’s actually open to the public too. 

It’s a bit hard to find (before you go through the departure gates, try to find a lift in the far corner that goes down to B1 in Terminal 1).   You can’t take luggage trolleys down there but rolling hand luggage is fine.  The good news – the prices of the dishes are really cheap, the range is massive compared to the food stalls/restaurants in the main part of the airport and it serves all the local foods!

Prawn Noodle Soup

Like any holiday to Singapore, eating is a highlight.   So what better way to end our recent trip than to go down to the food court and have our “last supper”!!  We stuffed ourselves with as many local delights as possible before boarding our cheap Jetstar flight.

Good local prawn mee, local chicken rice, burbur chacha, chendol, rojak, coconut juice and many desserts with names I could not pronounce…   until next time.

 Burbur cha cha

More Chinese desserts

Lack of bins in Singapore?

Singapore train station - clean but no bins

One thing that you may notice on a trip to Singapore is that it’s fairly clean.  On our recent trip, I was glad to not see any graffiti on walls, buses or trains and I didn’t notice much rubbish lying around on the streets.  Heavy fines and punishments are good deterrants.

But the irony is that there were a few times when I had some food wrappings that I wanted to get rid of before going on the MRT (underground train).. and each time, I just couldn’t find a bin!

There seems to be a major lack of rubbish bins in, at and near MRT stations.  Maybe it’s a security precaution, but it doesn’t seem to make much sense:

* You’re not allowed to eat or drink inside MRT stations or on the train
* You’ll get fined if you litter
* But they won’t provide bins for you to dispose of your litter/unwanted food/etc!

Tip of the day – be prepared to hold onto your rubbish…

New blog header!

Don’t normally do a weekend blog post, but the girls are all asleep so I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to for ages – create a custom blog header!

I couldn’t decide between putting up one of the photos that I took myself, or putting up a family photo.  Since my blog is not just solely focussed on photography but more about life in general, I decided a family photo reflected the state of my blog at this time!

This great family photo was taken by my cousin’s wife in Singapore over 3 and a half years ago!   She runs a photo studio in Singapore called KidsPictures.  If you’re visiting or currently live in  Singapore and want some great natural family photos or photos of the kids, I definitely recommend going to see Anne.   She was so relaxed with us, made the kids feel really at ease and made us look great!   Visit the website here:  http://www.kidspictures.com.sg/