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I want to re-use the MasterChef background sounds!

One thing that I can’t believe I’m missing now that MasterChef is over is the background sounds.  Being musically oriented, it used to TOTALLY BUG me when I watched the show.  The motifs used in the show to accompany the action on screen was way too recipe like *boom* *boom*. 

The ones that still stick with me:

  • The timpani – boom bada boom boom boom “crap is about to or just happen“, you found a fish bone in your dish type of stuff
  • The “it’s alright, it wasn’t a disaster” music featuring the violin motif like  B – B – B A B – C – C – C, which then moves onto soothing sustained strings and the happy piano motif, usually played when one of the judges is about to say how the dish just melts or pops in your mouth or something like that
  • Odd cymbal crashes or crescendo cymbals like the musical producer accidentally put his elbow on the synth keyboard

I can just imagine the musical producers for the show sitting in front of a synthesizer with all the sounds preloaded onto different keys, and then triggering them randomly based on how they feel or react to the action on screen.  What a ball of a time they’d have!

But now that so many Australians have been exposed to it and recognise the sounds, I think it’s time to capitalise on these sound bites.  Here are my two profit making ideas:

1) The MasterChef home movie sound effects pack

Imagine using the MasterChef sounds in your own home movie!! 

Your 6 year old is about to fall off their trike, cue the timpani “boom bada boom boom boom”.  And then skip to Mum putting a band-aid on the scratch and kisses and hugs, cue the strings “it’s alright” music.   Fantastic!

2) The MasterChef mobile ring and SMS tones

If no-one does this, I’m going to!   I want the happy violin music everytime I receive a call.  I want the timpani sound for SMS’s or emails.  I want it now!!

Anyone else want to re-use these sounds?