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HDR Experiments

Our family went down south during the holidays.  I was really looking forward to getting away from the city, but also looked forward the possibility of some photo expeditions.  Unfortunately, with family duties, that didn’t quite happen.  I didn’t even have room to pack the tripod and haven’t bought my ND Grad kit yet, so I was quite limited anyway.

One afternoon, I did take a walk and took some hand held bracketed shots, in the hope I could do some HDR post processing.   Here is the result!

The 3 bracketed before shots:

Garden Path, -1 StopGarden Path, +0 StopGarden Path, +1 Stop

The HDR and tone mapped final image:

Garden Path, HDR Tone Mapped

I think I went a bit over the top with the tone mapping, but it’s interesting to see what’s possible.   The sky retains its blue (even though I don’t really like the white outline of the trees), the orange sunlight on the top of the tall tree on the left isn’t blown out and I was able to pull more contrast on the pathway.

One mistake I did make was to take the shots in P (Program) mode.  This meant that the camera didn’t keep a common aperture between shots – it varied from 13 to 10 to 9.    I’m guessing that this might result in the depth of field varying between shots.   I should have shot in A (Aperture Priority) mode, which will make the bracketed shots vary by shutter speed instead.

Now to find more subject matter back in Perth!