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Nearly ready to go around the world!!

We’re going around the world with the kids over this summer (winter) break!

We’re nearly all set – all accommodation has been organised, flights done. Just a few odds and ends haven’t been figured out yet, but we’ll come to those when we do..

For those that are interested, here’s our rough itinerary:

27 Dec – 1 Jan : Disneyland Anaheim, US
1 Jan – 4 Jan : LA Hollywood, US
4 Jan – 10 Jan : New York, US
11 Jan – 16 Jan : London, UK
16 Jan – 20 Jan : Nice, France
20 Jan – 25 Jan : Paris, France
26 Jan – 30 Jan : Phuket, Thailand

I just haven’t figured out how to get to San Diego Sea World and San Diego Zoo.. arghhh. didn’t realise it would take a substantial amount of time to get there.. oh well..