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Boxed the Christmas tree

Well, Christmas is over for another year.   On the weekend, we gave Little Miss 9 the task to undecorate the tree.   It’s funny how both girls were madly fighting over decorating the tree when we put it up a few weeks ago, but no-one wants to take it down.

I jammed the tree back into its old box – the same tree we’ve used since Wifey and I got married – and slapped on some new gaffa tape to hold it all in before throwing it into the shed. 

Maybe I should push for a real tree for next Christmas?

Gingin Farm

We were extremely fortunate a few months ago to be invited to a weekend holiday at a friend’s farm near Gingin.

It was so peaceful away from the city.   Here’s a 9 image stitch of the lone tree in the paddock just after the sun dropped under the horizon.    The kids had started a campfire and we feasted on marshmallows for the rest of the night.

When to put up the Christmas tree?

Our kids have started bugging us lately – “When can we put up the Christmas tree?”

A few years ago, we had a tradition where we’d put up the Christmas tree in the first week of December. However, I think it was last year we thought that with the amount of effort to decorate it, we might as well put it up earlier – in the first week of November! It did seem a bit early, so this year we’re trying to hold out until December again.

The kids just love putting up the tree – looking at each decoration, suggesting colour schemes, hanging decorations off their ears 🙂

I can’t believe the thought that goes into the Christmas tree. We’ve recently moved, so our next question is – where do we put it? It’s nice to have it somewhere central, but it’s got to have space for presents, and access to power of course 🙂 And of course, maybe a little distant from kids’ bedrooms so that Santa can sneak in without waking anyone up.