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Photos from the World Wide Photowalk 2010

On the weekend, I joined about 100 other photography enthusiasts on a walk around Perth city to take photos.  It was one of the local events for the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk day.

I decided to pull along my father-in-law as I know how much he loves photography.  Armed with our cameras, we parked near the Perth Concert Hall and walked to the meeting point.  I was wondering – who would go to these things?  Are they all going to be real photo geeks, clothed with multi-pocketed photographer vests? 

But all was OK – just normal people with a variety of equipment from point and shoots to SLRs.    Great to see Martin there with his kids, who introduced me to this event.

After a group photo, there was a quick explanation of the day and some ground rules.  Apparently we’re allowed to take photos inside St Mary’s Cathedral!  My first D’oh!  I should have brought my tripod along. Now I’ll have to rely on noisy higher ISOs, bracketing and panoramas by hand.

And then we were off!

Or not really. 

Photographers really take their time.  You do not want to be going on a photowalk if you’re in a hurry to get to the end point!  Everyone had spread out like crime scene photographers trying to capture as much of the expansive real world onto a few inches of film or digital chip.  I wonder if in the future someone would be able to recreate a virtual copy of East Perth from all our photos.

I see a great opportunity for a photo in the middle of St George’s Terrace with blurry traffic passing by.  But I nearly got run over by a car when crossing back.  Note to self – holding a camera does not make me invincible to the laws of nature.

Then I got excited by some nature in the concrete city – a tree reaching up into the sky!!  I tried to snap it from various angles hoping to get a good shot.   I looked around and then realised I had lost our group leader.

People were taking photos of all sorts of things – storm water drains, bins, buildings, trees – basically EVERYTHING!  It was funny to hear a pedestrian couple walk past saying, “There’s a lot of people taking photos here?!?”  Were we that obvious?  Did we look like a bunch of bus’d-in tourists?

We turned up past the Mint and I suddenly realise we were in an un-picturesque part of town.  But luckily we then turned towards the recently renovated St Mary’s Cathedral and I knew there would be a plethora of things to shoot in there.

Seems like the Organ Society of WA is having a “meet and play” and majestic chords and runs of pipe music is spilling out of the church.   Luckily it helps to mask the constant chatter of shutters going off inside the church.   I take a few hand held panoramas inside and vertoramas outside, and a few 3 shot brackets – hoping that I can fix it all up later.  Photographers are lazing around the front of the Cathedral, chimping and comparing shots.  My right hand is starting to get sore.

And then it was all over.  Coffees at Dome with my father-in-law and we discuss the post-processing that we need to do and when the next photowalk is on that we can go to. 

At home, I’ve downloaded the photos, straightened and cropped and then used some of my presets in Lightroom to increase contrast and turn some into black and white.  The next step for me is to process the panoramas and HDR/bracketed shots which will take more time.

I have enjoyed seeing the others shots taken by participants that day.  It’s amazing what things you don’t see that are right in front of you, and how other people can view the same objects in ways you never imagined.  And I was also pleasantly surprised by the number of interesting things I could take in 2 hours on that side of town.

My Flickr set of shots so far is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasechong/sets/72157624578903906/

And here are some of my favourite shots from the day:

City to Surf adventure

This year was the first year the kids actually walked the City to Surf.   In previous years, the City to Surf walk took a different form of physical challenge from “push the kids for 4kms” to “baby bjorn the baby for 4kms” 🙂

The first major hurdle was getting the kids up in time for the actual event!  A late Saturday night did not help at all!  Note to self – sleep early the night before a City to Surf.  The frustrating thing was that on Saturday morning, the kids all awoke really early for some unknown reason.   That weekly body clock thing amazes me.

So, for a get there by 9am for 9.45am start, we managed to find a car park at 9.55am.

Arrival time at starting point
Arrival time at starting point

When we got to the starting point, we looked out for other people from my workplace, but it seemed that many other companies had chosen red as their T-shirt colour!  So much for that idea!

Before the walk!
Before the walk!

We eventually got going and the kids were quite enthusiastic for the first few hundred metres, doing little sprints for fun.  But before the first drink stop, I started hearing the dreaded “How much longer?” and “Are we there yet?”

The first drink stop was a relief for our 9yo.  However, I think we brought her up too well – she insisted on not wasting water by finishing every drop of water in the cup, and then she didn’t want to throw the paper cup onto the floor as it was littering!!  I was going “Just take a few sips and throw it away so we don’t have to carry it!”, but no…  she continued to carry and sip the water for the next few hundred metres or so.

Must drink ALL the water!
Must drink ALL the water!

About half way through, our 7yo started getting tired..  tired as in “need to be carried” tired!  Wifey tried to carry her for a while, but this was not going to work for the whole walk.  Eventually, I got her distracted by playing the “name game” with her for the last 2kms.   So if anyone heard us reeling of names end to end, that was us!   Andrew – Wendy – Yasmin – Natasha – Alexandra – Alex – Xavier – Rachel – Laura – etc!!

Carrying the 7yo at the 2km mark
Carrying the 7yo at the 2km mark

All was well until she asked what was at the end of the walk.   I accidentally replied that there would be a sort of a party and rides to keep her motivated.  And then the question I should have seen coming came up – “can I get fairy floss?”.   Yep, the question reverberated on for the last 500m, up to the finish line, past the finish line, and until…  and until we couldn’t actually locate any fairy floss!   Oh well, it distracted her to the finish line.

Near the end!
Near the end!

Looking back, the hour or so of walking wasn’t too bad in the end.  I’m sure we walked many times more that in Disneyland!   The kids got their medal, we donated to charity and we got out of the house early on a Sunday!   To round it off, we spent 40 minutes waiting for the bus and the trip back to the car.   So now we pack away our company T-shirts until next year.

Back in the car
Back in the car