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And so the WAYO cycle continues

This Saturday, Miss 10 has her first audition to join a WAYMA orchestra.  Her cello playing has improved in leaps and bounds in the last 2 years, but so far, she’s really only been playing by herself. 

Playing in an orchestra or ensemble is such a different and enlightening experience that I really cherish from my youth.  Just mixing with other like minded kids, meeting new people, working towards that concert, going on fun tours/camps…   although there were obviously times when I thought orchestra was drab, boring, why did I have wake up to go orchestra every Saturday morning, why am I doing this instead of some sport…

I think Miss 10 has reached a stage where she needs exposure to other people who play the cello, playing in time and in tune with each other, and really, the joy of playing with other people making a bloody big sound!  There’s nothing like everyone playing some symphonic fortissimo passage together…

I hope she goes OK with her audition!  (and also the many other hundred kids auditioning tomorrow!)


The Elgar

It’s an amazing experience to be able to play a concerto with a full orchestra.  Even more special is the chance to play it in a large concert hall.   And even more daunting is tackling a large romantic concerto! The nerves, playing in front of a large audience, playing in front of your peers, wondering if you can execute those tricky passages that you only “get” one out of every two times at home.

Well, Anna Pokorny, winner of this year’s WA Youth Orchestra Concerto Competition did just that.  She played the Elgar cello concerto on the weekend with the full WAYO orchestra in the Perth Concert Hall.

I tend to cringe when I hear about kids playing large concertos – I mean, it’s amazing that they have reached a stage that they can get their fingers around most of the notes.  But they’re usually not quite there yet, both technically and emotionally.  There are usually heaps of other concertos in the repertoire that could be done first.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when Anna started the Elgar.  She seemed to play with much confidence.  Yes, some of the runs did get her, but she soldiered on – overall it was an impressive effort.  If our 9yo could play like that in 10 or so years time, I would be a very proud parent indeed 🙂

Unfortunately our 9yo wasn’t able to attend with us to get inspired.   She had a sleepover party to attend – she was meant to be my date for the night.  But when wifey dropped her off at the sleepover party, she asked her “Can you video it?”.   Awwwww…. so cute…

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