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Holidaying at home

Finding our room

With Wifey away on her school tour, I took 2 weeks off to holiday at home with the kids.

One thing that we did that the kids really enjoyed was staying overnight at a hotel in the city.   Hardly any driving, minimal packing, but the kids still got the same excitement of checking in, finding our room and a different environment.

It was great fun!  We checked in on a Friday, went downstairs and walked straight out into the city to go late night shopping.  Came back, the kids had a bath, we had room service dinner in bed whilst watching TV, then next morning we had buffet breakfast and popped back into the city for more walking around and shopping again!

It made me wonder why we haven’t done this before!  Weekend escapes are fun 🙂


Weekend of things I’ll do one day

What a great weekend!  I managed to get through a list of things that I’ve been putting for “one day” or that for the last few months, I’ve been wishing I had time to do.

* Changed the light globe in our bedroom that had blown since June.  It took less than 5 minutes to get out the ladder and change it – as my Wifey asked afterwards, “Why didn’t you do this 5 months ago?”   I had no answer 🙂

* Sold our dining suite that we didn’t have space for and a chest of drawers that we hadn’t used since moving to the new place. Thanks Quokka!

* Brought some old suitcases and the old basketball ring to the recycling section of the Balcatta tip.  Less crap stored out the front of the house!   Pity I forgot to bring the old desktop PC.  We also donated a box of unused household gifts and goods to charity.  I do have to agree with Wifey, it DOES feel good alleviating yourself of material possessions.  Note to self – need to do this more.
* Did some gardening – we removed all the weeds in the backyard and some out the front and swept up the leaves at the front of the house.  Our 9yo loved sweeping up, must be the Little Miss Tidy in her 🙂

* Changed the guitar strings on my acoustic!  I don’t think I’ve done this since buying it years ago, but have been meaning to do this for the last 2-3 years since we started playing at church each week.  The B string was particularly weird – it would be in tune when played open, but got out of tune when fretted.  I think the tension must have varied along the string itself.  Anyway, put a new set of shiny strings on and it sounds so much better!  Brighter, louder, in tune and looks good too 🙂

* Finally got out my electric guitar and rocked out for a few minutes.  I found an old Guns’n’Roses riff by riff book that I hadn’t picked up for years and pretended to be Slash (and a teenager) for a while…  sad 🙂

* Finished sorting out the paperwork, throwing out at least half of it that ranged up to 10 years old!  Why DID I keep my mobile phone records from that long ago?   We finally located all the kids’ birth certificates and our marriage certificate and put them in one safe place.

* Had a nap.  I can’t believe I just lay down on my daughter’s bed watching her make a birthday card, and then I just fell asleep! 

* Walked to a cafe in the arvo for coffees with the kids and the dog.  Mmmm..  I like walking the neighbourhood – it gives us good ideas for doing up our house.  Had debates with Wifey over whether to one day get a tin roof or keep ours tiled.

* I did my big house vacuum.  Those little balls of fluff just started to annoy me too much.

All this when we should have been at The Really Bigger Deal 🙂  Oh well, dancing will have to wait for another time…