No free iPhone tethering with Optus

So I have an iPhone.  And I have a laptop.  And the iPhone supports tethering – basically meaning that the iPhone OS allows me to configure my laptop to use the data connection on my iPhone.  Sounds useful right?   Don’t need to buy a separate 3G USB stick.

But when I try to enable tethering on the iPhone, I get this:

 iPhone Optus tethering

What?!?  It’s all data in the end isn’t it?  Why should internet data from my laptop be any different from internet data from my iPhone?   Can Optus even tell what comes from the phone and what comes from my laptop (if I were able to configure it?).



One thought on “No free iPhone tethering with Optus”

  1. Thats got to suck I was with optus once will never use them again found there customer service shocking and my bill all ways seemed to be huge even when i didnt use my phone that much I would rate them all most as bad as telstra lol

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